Since 1963, Lombardo’s Tree Service has been providing quality tree service to Southeast Texas. The original founder, and avid fisherman, Albert Lombardo, Sr., used to say, “in between fishing trips, we would do some tree work.” And that tree work was some of the best Beaumont had ever seen. Before the days of infinite power equipment, climbing spurs and quality rope (they would nail boards to the tree to mimic a ladder), Lombardo’s drive for quality drove his company to the top, ‘dying to save a shrub,’ respecting people’s property and minimizing any unnecessary damage to the landscape.

In 1981, Mr. Lombardo decided to devote more time to his passion for fishing, and sold the company to manager/operator Ruben Sastre. Since then, Lombardo’s Bonded Tree Service has advanced beyond the tree removal techniques from the past and expanded its services for today and tomorrow, now including land clearing and demolition.

Lombardo’s Bonded Tree Service still operates from its original location at 2924 Concord Road in Beaumont, Texas. Throughout the decades served, our mission remains the same: we will never leave SETX to chase a hurricane for a buck, and we will never sacrifice safety, quality or efficiency just to beat a price.

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